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I with Elissa. Retailers do a great job of making parents think they have to buy expensive sets of soft, unsafe bedding, and it is HUGELY disappointing to see BC contributing to this. All you should have in the crib is a fitted sheet; put a sleep sack on the baby and you good to go! No little baby can hurt herself in a crib, and every baby deserves to be safe there.

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. As Kiwi magazine Good states, “Factories are forced to turn around orders faster than ever, or risk losing business. A factory struggling to meet a deadline may subcontract to another facility that hasn’t been audited (meaning it probably offers a less than fantastic working environment). Ultimately, the people who lose out are the garment workers, working longer hours for little or no increase in pay.” Ergo, a lot of times, companies have no knowledge or no control (or it gets easier to deny both) of how their clothes are made, given the labyrinth of contractors and sub contractors and sub sub so on working in the business.


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